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Evicting a tenant who owes rent - section 8 notice

How to evict a tenant who owes rent

If you have a tenant who is not paying you what they should be, and you want to get them out, then there is a strict process to follow. If you don't follow it then your costs will rise and you will likely be stuck with the non-paying tenant in the property, sinking you further and further into debt, until you get either it right or run out of money.

Tenant Eviction.

Tenant Eviction Process

Having to evict a tenant is every landlord's worst nightmare; it's both stressful and costly. With help from us you can remove much of this stress and cost! It is very important that each step is done in the right order and the right way. With Visum in your corner you will get it right first time. The first procedure is to ensure you serve the correct notice in the correct way on the correct date to the tenant(s). If you get this wrong all your effort will be wasted, as your claim will be simply thrown out of court. If your tenant has an assured shorthold tenancy then your eviction notice (properly called a 'notice seeking possession') will generally either be a Section 8 notice or a Section 21 notice.