Landlord Due Diligence

You need to carry out a 'risk assessment' to spot things that could come back to bite you in the event of a tenant having an accident or other problem. Proving that you've been diligent in providing safe rental accommodation and showing you've checked these things goes a long way to protect yourself legally should a problem arise.

Some of the obvious things to be checking over are list below:
Trip hazards
Fall hazards
Fire hazards
Electrical hazards
Property security
Stairs, steps, banisters, balconys etc.

We have written a detailed series of articles that tell you all you need to know as a landlord about the standards you need to achieve in order to protect yourself and your tenants from danger and legal problems.  They are not a 2 minute read but you should be able to digest them in a few sittings. It's important stuff, so get the kettle on!

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