Below are the questions we're most commonly asked. If after reading through them you still require assistance please contact us.

Getting Started

A modern estate agent offering all the services a traditional estate agent does, but online. Our aim is to give you more control over the way you sell or let your property, saving you a huge amount of money in the process.

There are many, but the obvious one is cost: there are huge savings compared to traditional agent fees. Additionally, estate agents are notoriously bad at responding to enquiries, so you avoid that, as the choice to respond to an enquiry or not comes down to you. You get to show prospects around your property; nobody knows your home as well as you do, including the reasons why it's a good place to buy. An agent looking after dozens of properties will not be able to get across those points with the passion and excitement that you will. Also you cannot top the psychological satisfaction of 'beating the system' and realising how simple it was to do so.

Everyone. If you want have more control over your property sale or let and save money at the same time.

You don’t need to be an internet genius to sell or let with us, as our agents are on hand to give you all the assistance you need.

You get your property advertised on our list of partner portals and you get access to our bespoke suite of tools designed to get you from the point of placing your ad to the point of accepting a suitable offer as quickly and easily as possible.

If anything we will sell it quicker. The reason being that traditional agents don't even reply to an incredible number of enquiries (around 20% according to research by the major portals), and there will obviously be genuine buyers and renters amongst those enquirers. With our setup enquiries come to you and you are - hopefully going to respond to all of them promptly.

No. Our system has been designed to maximise enquiries by listing your property on multiple popular portals. More enquiries mean more opportunities to achieve your desired price.

Our easy to use ad creation process will have your property listing completed in next to no time. You can upload images, files, EPC, floorplans etc. through our drag and drop upload facility, preview your ad, make any final edits and set your advert live by paying.

You will need to supply us with ID for anti-money laundering purposes. This can be done online very quickly.

We will review and approve your ID and advert and then push it live to our partner network of sites, like Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket. Your ad will normally appear in a few hours, depending on how quickly the partner sites process our data feed to them.

You will be notified by email when someone enquires about your property. The enquiry details are stored in your Visum account.

You can edit your advert, photos and asking price at any time.

As soon as buyers or tenants start sending offers, you can choose to accept, reject, or negotiate.

At every step in your selling or letting journey, we can enable you with the right tools and guidance.

You can use Visum at any time in your selling or renting journey, even if you're already using an estate agent. We won’t tie you into any contractual agreements.

Many traditional estate agents do require you to sign a contract, which often includes a ‘sole agent’ clause. This means that if you sell your home through Visum, even though we're not an estate agent, your agent might try and get you to pay a fee. We advise that you check for this clause in any agreements before using us.

Nothing outside the purposes of selling or renting your property that you hire us for - we don't resell them or give them to third parties.

No, not unless you want us to. We recommend you keep initial contacts within our anonymous messaging system until you're ready to progress an enquiry further, but you can select an option for us to automatically pass your contact details to all enquirers immediately if you wish.

The same as any other business - to get happy customers so that we can make a living: pay our bills and our staff's wages, grow and improve. On average a happy customer brings us 2 new ones. That's why we advertise our properties on so many partner sites rather than just our own. It costs us a lot to do this but brings the best results for our clients.

We have been around since 2004 and have a long track record with over 30,000 customers.

No, none whatsoever.

Enquiries & Viewings

No. Prospects prefer being shown around by the owner rather than an agent. The owner knows the property intimately, can answer any questions immediately and can most effectively explain why they liked the property enough to buy it and why the viewer should too. You'll often find traditional estate agents also let home owners do their own viewings in a more underhand way: normally by booking the viewing, then phoning and claiming not to be able to make it and asking if the vendor would mind doing it instead.

Whether you want us to negotiate or you want to do it yourself we suggest you come up with a few reasons why your property not only worth what you're asking but why it's likely worth more than you're asking. For example future market growth, a great school, an attractive development about to start nearby, the quality of amenities. If you can show would-be buyers that the price you're asking is reasonable given the circumstances then it gives them little leverage to ask for a discount. Play it cool regarding any urgent need to move and be passionate about your home. Let prospective buyers know why you purchased it in the first place. Remind yourself of what you love about it and be sure to convey that in your description and when talking to prospective buyers.

Ad Management

Once logged in you will see your properties on your dashboard page. Click on a property and you'll be taken through to it's page, where you can select the parts you want to edit.

You can edit the location whilst adding or editing your property. When on the map page, just click the correct location and hit save under the map.

Size wise you can upload anything, but they will be autmatically resized to comply with the requirements of the portals that we list on.


No, as it's forbidden by the portals that we list on. If you do your ad will get blocked. There's no need anyway, as we will make sure you receive all enquireis that are made.

It will be different for each portal that your ad is sent to and will vary from around 3 to 24 hours.

That depends upon the receiving portals and may vary from a few minutes up to 24 hours.

If it hasn't run out of time then you might have made an edit that is unacceptable to the receiving portals. For example putting your telephone number or contact email into the ad. Please contact us so we can go through it with you.

Other FAQs

By leveraging technology to reduce the amount of human input we are able to get more done more quickly and more reliably. We pass those savings to you.

No, none. Our transparent fee structure let's you know exactly what you'll pay.

Yes of course. Invoices can be generated inside your account.