Tenant Eviction - Section 21 Notice (s21)

Section 21 Notice

The Section 21 notice is a mandatory notice, which means a judge must always issue you a possession order as long as you filled out and served the notice (and completed the court papers) correctly. Evicting a tenant under a Section 21 does not generally require you to attend the court hearing, unless you should so wish. If you are having any problems with your tenant when you issue your Section 21 notice, we recommend asking for a hearing. The reason being that if you don't, and the tenant disputes receiving the notice or offers some other defence (spurious or otherwise) then the judge will call a hearing and the whole process will take much longer. Section 21 notices are generally used if you require your property back for any other reason than 2 months' rent arrears, but, can also be used for rent arrears if you do not wish to get a CCJ for money owed awarded against the tenant, but are just happy to get them out of your property. Section 21s need to cover 2 whole rent months before they expire and the court process can start. This is why they are not so good if you have a tenant that is not paying.

Incorrectly completed or dated/posted section 21 notices is one of the biggest reasons landlords cases don't win in court! Ensure you do it correctly.

The Visum Team

Our unique system will create the right format Section 21 notice seeking possession as there are two variants depending on whether the tenancy is still within its original time frame as written on the tenancy agreement or if the end date of the agreement has passed and the tenancy is what is known as 'statutory periodic'. All this will be taken care of for you by our system.

Section 21 in summary: Takes 2 rent months to expire. Mandatory possession as long as everything is done correctly. Court appearance not always required. No award of any rent arrears.

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