Why some enquirers don't want to share their contact information

Some of the enquiries you may receive for your property will have a contact phone number and email address for the enquirer - but some of them may not.

Although Visum have been offering online estate agency services since 2004 - longer than anyone else - there are still some people who are unfamiliar with the concept, and are consequently put off at the idea of interacting directly with a landlord or property owner. They are stuck in the past, and are used to the traditional approach where a bricks-and-mortar estate agent is in the middle, slowing down the process.

Data protection law prevents us from giving you their details without their consent. But rather than lose these enquiries altogether (as would happen with some of our competitors), we give the enquirer the option to not share their contact information with you. In that instance, you and the enquirer can converse via our messaging system, which is very easy to use. You will receive emails with any message they send to you, and you can reply to those emails and we will relay your response directly to the enquirer. Once you've answered any initial questions that the enquirer may have, they will usually be happy to then share their details with you.

If you have chosen to do so, we will give the enquirer your contact information, so they will be able to call or email you directly if they prefer.

But don't be put off - any enquiry you receive is as likely as any other to be the one that buys or lets your property.

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