Why Advertise Rental Property With Us?

Avoiding agents in order to avoid their high fees limits landlords' ability to get their properties seen by the right audience. Instead of being seen by savvy prospects browsing Rightmove they are seen and responded to by people reading Friday Free Ads or local shop window ads, which is something less than perfect tenants often do because they too wish to avoid agencies - usually for different reasons than landlords do though. They know agencies employ stringent credit and background  referencing procedures which they wish to avoid and so they hope (often correctly) that private landlords won't do these checks.

We're the answer to your problems. We're the agency with low, low fees who will advertise your property in the right places yet still carry out thorough background checks if you want us too.

Our advertising reaches a pool of potential tenants that newspaper and other forms of traditional landlord advertising could never reach, hopefully allowing you to pick and choose a tenant at your leisure. All letting agents can and do offer this service, but most charge hundreds of pounds for it, whereas we charge an amount more commensurate with the amount of work involved.

As well as being letting agents, we're landlords just like you are, and so we understand that your properties are a huge financial undertaking for you. No doubt we've lain awake at night worrying about the exact same things you have, so we created this service to get you tenants smoothly and quickly. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should list your property with us:

Advertise rental property on the right sites:

We advertise rental property on Rightmove.co.uk, Primelocation.com, Zoopla.co.uk and other good up and coming sites like needaproperty, ensuring maximum exposure. Some other sites that charge a lot more than us claim to advertise your property on nearly a thousand websites. This is easily checked (whereby, incidentally, it is revealed as plainly not true) but is a fabulous sounding marketing slogan. However the reality is that over 99% of enquiries come from Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation, with the rest of the sites making up the remainder.

We're never closed:

We can handle email and telephone enquiries for your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. During the week our staff man the phones from 8am to 8pm and our computer system covers from 8pm to 8am. It also offers supplemental cover during office hours to ensure queues are kept to a minimum.

Advertise your property with confidence:

We have great belief in our tenant finder service and our ability to advertise rental property and property for sale for you. We've helped thousands of landlords and homeowners to achieve their goals with vastly reduced cost, will you be next?

You stay in total control:

We supply the tenant and prospective buyer leads - you choose how to progress these enquiries from that point on (arrange viewings, reject the applicant as unsuitable, etc.) but we are always available for further help and advice.

Unlimited rental and sales advert editing:

You can edit your ad at any point in order to try out different combinations of price, text and photographs so as to ensure your property ad is as attractive to as many potential tenants or buyers as possible. To edit your listing you simply sign back in to your free account and make your chosen changes.

No hidden fees:

Some sites offer a 'free' service then sting you or your tenant with huge costs later on - we don't, our price starts from just £39 + VAT with no strings attached.

No hidden ties - just great property advertising:

No tie in to further services, no hidden clauses - we are simply offering a tenant finder service for you. Of course if you want more services from us, such as credit checks, gas safety tests or EPCs, we're happy to oblige, but these are all totally optional.


Free tenancy agreement and free tenancy pack:

A free tenancy agreement (free assured shorthold tenancy agreement/AST) + tenancy pack to include all the paperwork you need, AST, Inventory and 30 more essential documents. Free to all landlords with no obligations.

Simple to use:

The whole process can take just minutes: create your free account, load your property sale or rental advert using our intuitive form, supply us with the ownership verification documents we need and you're done.

We can do credit and reference checks on tenants and/or guarantors:

You should never let your property to anyone who hasn't been through a credit check and reference. After they sign the tenancy is too late to find out something negative about them. The costs of these checks are paid for by the tenant, not you, so you won't be out of pocket by doing them, and they could save you a fortune. If you allow us to do this for you we are able to offer you rent guarantee insurance and peace of mind that, whatever happens, you will get your rent.

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