Property Setting

We’ve implemented a couple of new features to allow you to customise your list of properties in your account.

1.       You can now select to hide properties from the list (useful if it’s been sold or you accidentally created a duplicate listing).

2.       You can now rename a property for your internal use only. For example if you have 2 listings sharing the same address, perhaps because you’re trying to list a property for let and sale simultaneously or are trying to let both Room 1 and Room 2 in a house share simultaneously. In either situation previously both properties would display as “22 Acacia Avenue”, potentially leading to confusion when dealing with enquiries. Now you can rename them so you can tell them apart more easily.

To access the features, log into your account, click on your name in the top right of the screen and select ‘My Settings’. You will see an option called ‘Properties’ both in the left-hand menu and in the blue tabs in the main part of the screen. Click either of these and you’ll be taken to your list. There you will be able to make changes and save them.

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