Property For Sale

Property For Sale?

Got a property for sale? Considering putting your property up for sale?  Heard about 'Online Estate Agents' but not quite sure what that actually is, how much you could save, how the process works, do you use a traditional high street agent or one of the new breeds of online agents to advertise your property for sale, well we will try to quell some of the questions.

What is an Online Estate Agent?

An online estate agent is an agent who provide their services primarily online - from initial instruction to advertising, enquiries and through to the offer.  Visum is an online estate agent and one of the first to set the new trend, offering great value for money, allowing people to sell their house for just £88+VAT - compare that to the usual price that runs into thousands you start to see why more and more people are starting to chose an online estate agent to help with property sales.

So how are these savings made? How does the service differ?  

At Visum online estate agents we make these savings by not being greedy, by sheer volume, by utilising technology, having a huge property advertising network so your property is sold quickly, not sat languishing on our books for weeks or months and we ask you, the vendor to do part of the job yourself (don't worry, it's easy and in all honesty in our experience most high street agents charging thousands expect the same of you these days).

The process of advertising property for sale through an online agent like Visum starts by creating your free account, from there you are effortlessly guided through a few simple forms where you detail your property, upload your photos and generally list the features of your house, make the small payment and within hours your property is being advertised on sites like rightmove, zoopla, primelocation and many more.  You are able to come back in at any time and amend your ad details/change photos etc.

Enquiries come through to our call centre, via email/phone/sms etc - we process these in real time and hand off to you (sending you an SMS/EMail and showing the enquiries in your management console on our site), to do the viewing (that's the bit you do that you might expect a high street agent would do, but often don't, and is it worth paying thousands for?  who can sell your house better than you?).

After the viewing we can help with negotiations or you can do them directly, some people are not comfortable talking about money.

So, the process is simple, quick and considerably cheaper than any high street agent.  There are no tied contracts, if you decide after a time it's not for you or for some crazy reason you want to pay a high street agent their exorbitant fees you are free to do so.  There are no fees due after sale either through Visum, we only charge the small monthly fee for the time the property is advertised, price your property correctly and they are usually sold within the first month, in fact Visum has one of the fastest clearance rates for getting property sold of any nationwide agent.

So advertising your property for sale has never been easier or more affordable than right now through an online estate agent like Visum.

We are available to answer any questions you may have, just drop us a line and we will get back to you in no time.

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