Property advertising tips

We want you to be a satisfied customer and to get the result you want – a quickly let or sold property. The critical aspect – one that is the main difference between success and failure – is one you have total control over: the content of your property listing. We can put your listing out in front of lots of people, but if it's lacking the information they desire they won't make an enquiry. This is compounded by the fact that right next to your property in their search results are similar properties they can look at with the click of a mouse. So it's important to engage your prospective tenant or buy with good, clear copy and nice photographs.

It's not rocket science and accordingly we've prepared some simple tips and instructions to help you to write a good property advert. Remember that we are always on hand as well to assist at any point to ensure success from start to finish.

So, in no particular order, here is our list of tips for writing a successful ad:

  • Please always add good quality photos to your rental advert. Ads without pictures do not receive anywhere near as many enquiries.

  • Choose the right photo to be the primary (main) photo that is see in the search results. If the exterior of your property is nothing special to look at then use a nice interior shot as the main photo.

  • Please think carefully about the text of your rental advert. Ads that are lively and to the point (but free of annoying estate agency style jargon), describing the property's positive features and listing local amenities that are useful to homemovers (such as the presence of good schools and transport links) are much better than one line saying '2 bed flat available now'. If the property is located in an area of interest (whether for modern or historical reasons) you should point that out.

  • Think about what homemovers find desirable when writing your description rather than just listing facts.For example a "spacious master bedroom big enough to swallow your king size bed, decorated in a clean, modern style" sounds a lot more appealing than "main bedroom 5x3m".

  • If it's a rental listing then make it clear what tenants are acceptableIf you do or don't accept a particular type of tenant (dog owners, smokers, DSS, students etc.), make it clear in the ad text. This saves you wasting your time dealing with unsuitable enquirers.

  • Very Important Note: Please do NOT put your personal contact details into the property ad text. This is against the terms of the websites your ad will be displayed on. If these sites find you have added your personal details into the ad then they will delete your ad without notice and we may not be able to get it back on. In these situations there will be no refund, so please take note.

  • Please don't write your property advert text in capital lettersIn Internet terms capital letters are the equivalent of shouting. It doesn't help to make your advert stand out in any way and the receiving websites don't like it.

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