Online Estate Agents

Online Estate Agents

Visum Online Estate Agents offer a new and unique approach to owners looking to advertise and sell their property.  We do not tie you to ANY contract and we do NOT ask for any fees or monies on the sale of your property.  Instead we simply charge a small monthly marketing fee and for that your property is advertise on rightmove, primelocation, zoopla, onthemarket and many more major portals – giving your property maximum exposure – just the same as a normal agent would do who wants to charge you thousands.

Visum online estate agents also take all the calls and field their questions and work with you on arranging the appointment for viewings.  We are always on hand to advice and negotiate throughout the process.

Online Estate Agents Services

So what should you expect from an online estate agent? How does it differ to a high street agency?  Certainly with Visum-Sales online estate agents you can expect:

  • Property advertising – the same if not better property advertising than through a high street ageny  – all the major portals like rightnove and primelocation
  • No Contracts – you should not be expected to sign any contracts or tie yourself to any length of service
  • Low costs – just a small monthly marketing fee and no further costs
  • No commission due – no commission should be due at the time of sale
  • Fielding enquiries – we take all the enquiries via phone and email and pass along interested parties to you
  • Handle negotiations – if you are uncomfortable discussing price as many of us are, we are happy to help

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