Changes To Our Messaging System

We recently made changes to the way new enquirers can contact our clients in order to lessen the risk of our customers falling victim to a phishing attack. These changes took a look of work and new coding for our website, so in order to lessen the risk of failure we decided to roll the changes out in steps rather than all at once.

Just released is part 2, which offers a number of new features for your convenience:

1. You can reply to enquiries and messages directly from your email app rather than having to log into the Visum website. 

2. You can create an optional custom message that will be automatically sent to enquirers the instant that they finish their enquiry - e.g. "I'm available by telephone after 5pm every day, please call me then on 01234 567890."

3. Enquirers will be pushed to release their telephone number to you as part of the enquiry process, giving you the choice to initiate a dialogue with them by either telephone, email or our system depending on your preference.  

These changes increase both your online safety and choices of ways to communicate with your prospects. We hope that you like them. If you have any feedback or feature requests please contact us.

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