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Landlords guide

Failure To Meet Standards

What happens if a rented property fails to meet the Decent Homes Standard?

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Fire safety.

Fire Safety Standards for Single Dwellings (family houses)

Rented properties are considered to be single family houses where the occupants are all members of one family (as defined in housing benefit legislation). Unrelated sharers come under the HMO standard discussed in a separate article.

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Property Advertising Tips

Property advertising tips

We want you to be a satisfied customer and to get the most out of your advert. Your ad should tell prospective tenants the things they need to know in order to make them interested in enquiring. Accordingly we've prepared some simple tips and instructions to help you to write a good advert and so maximise the return for your investment. We are always on hand as well to assist at any point to ensure success from start to finish.

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Online Estate Agents

Why You Should Use an Online Estate Agent to Sell Your House

If you’re looking to sell your house, and you are considering the best route to take to get the best deal possible then your at the right place – The world of estate agency and house sales in the UK is changing fast and for the better. Visum-Sales online estate agents are at the fore front of the estate agency revolution enabling you to sell your property for just £34.00+VAT, no other fees, commissions or strings.

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Tenant eviction faqs

Tenant Eviction FAQs

Visum can help with all aspects of tenant eviction. Getting the eviction process or eviction notices wrong in any way will be one of the most costly mistakes you can make. We can help with completion of Section 8 notices, Section 21 notices and court paperwork, and we can also advise on all aspects of the eviction process. Our eviction notices are solicitor checked and court tested. We have compiled the most commonly asked question and answers in relation to tenant eviction below.

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Rent guarantee insurance

Landlord rent guarantee insurance

Rent guarantee insurance for landlords is essential in today's letting environment where the law strongly favours the tenant. With so many people losing livelihoods because of the uncertain economic situation the country (and the world) has been in over the last few years, even the best, most decent tenants can suddenly become a huge liability.

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