Landlord Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent guarantee insurance for landlords is essential in today's letting environment where the law strongly favours the tenant. With so many people losing livelihoods because of the uncertain economic situation the country (and the world) has been in over the last few years, even the best, most decent tenants can suddenly become a huge liability.

By signing a tenancy agreement you're giving control your property to someone you know nothing about. Use our service to reference check your prospective tenants before they get anywhere near your property. If they pass the checks you can take out rent guarantee cover and sleep at night knowing your rent will be paid, and all for a tiny sum.

A standard rent guarantee 6 month policy costs just £76.70 and a 12 month policy is just £128.09 regardless of the rental value per tenant (this price may be subject to change by the insurer without notice). You need a policy per tenant - 1 tenant = 1 policy, 2 tenants = 2 policies etc.

A gold rent guarantee policy is priced on a bespoke basis and includes extra cover: Up to £50k instead of £15k, plus prosecution defence cover in case the tenant takes you to court, accommodation costs for you of up to £75 per day, property damamge cover, and half the rent paid for up to 3 months after possession is gain whilst you look for new tenants.

Rent guarantee policies can only be taken out on tenants who have passed a reference check by a recognised company. You can do this check even after a tenant has moved into the property, so landlords reading this who have a property where the tenant is neither referenced nor insured and want to correct the situation can do so.

Clicking the button below will take you to the properties page of your Visum account, where you can select the property you wish to take the insurance out against and begin the credit check process.

We are not an insurer. We work with partner insurance companies and it is these who will provide the policy.

It is impossible to predict whether your tenant's circumstances may change in the future and whether they will always pay the rent. Make sure you're covered!

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Landlord rent guarantee insurance

Key Benefits of Rent Guarantee:

  • Compliant with Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations

  • Flexible - 6 or 12 month policies

  • Legal cover - £15,000 for legal expenses

  • Rent guarantee - upto £10,000 per month rent payable

  • Legal help - advice from solicitors

  • Current tenants - can cover existing tenancies

  • Rent arrears - recovery of rent arrears