Section 8 Notice

Having to evict a tenant is every landlord's worst nightmare; it's both stressful and costly. With help from us you can remove much of this stress and cost! It is very important that each step is done in the right order and the right way. With Visum in your corner you will get it right first time. The first procedure is to ensure you serve the correct notice in the correct way on the correct date to the tenant(s). If you get this wrong all your effort will be wasted, as your claim will be simply thrown out of court. If your tenant has an assured shorthold tenancy then your eviction notice (properly called a 'notice seeking possession') will generally either be a Section 8 notice or a Section 21 notice.

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Section 8 Notice

The Section 8 notice is generally used when a tenant has rent arrears and you wish to evict because of this fact. Not all landlords use the Section 8 notice though as it is only a mandatory eviction ruling by the judge if a certain amount of rent (2 months for a monthly tenancy, 8 weeks for a weekly tenancy) is due both at the time of the serving of the notice and at the court date. If this is not the case then the judge can side with the tenant and you won't get possession. The nice thing with a Section 8 notice is that if you win you get a county court judgement awarded against the tenant, which helps stop them re-offending. The Section 8 must be served in a very specific manner, with very specific wording on the nature of the arrears and delivered to the tenant on a specific date - our unique system takes care of ALL of this for you!

Not acting quickly and correctly at the first signs of arrears often leads to further costs.

The Visum Team

With a section 8 notice either you and/or your legal representative (a solicitor, not your letting agent) MUST attend court.

Section 8 in summary: Takes 2 weeks to expire. A court appearance is always required. Use the Section 8 if more than 2 months' rent is unpaid, use the Section 21 if it is not. With a Section 8 you'll get a CCJ (County Court Judgement) against the tenant for the outstanding rent, whereas you won't with a Section 21.

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