House for sale by owner

When selling your house privately, or through an agent it is very important to prepare your house for sale, to looks it’s best, our guide will get you on the right track.

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A Guide To Preparing Your House For Sale

Whilst much of what we are about to say may seem like common sense, many people still do not always do it and miss pieces out.  When trying to sell your house you need to remember this is a SALE and you need to be a sales person – this means ensuring your product is best dressed for a buyer.

  • Clean – it goes without saying but your house should be clean and tidy, ensure the morning dishes are washed up and put away, beds are made, floors vacced, surfaces clean and tidy.  You would not believe how many houses we have been into that are not – whilst some people see past it just as many do not!  A clean fresh smelling home is inviting.
  • De-clutter – If you have not used it for 6 months do you need it? It’s a good time for a clear out.  You are trying to portray an area of space and calm not getting people to tip toe around your hundred tea pots on the mantle.  If you cannot part with your cherished objects then simply box some bits up ready for the move.  You need to get people to visualise themselves and their belongings and show the space.
  • De-personalise – Sure, you have a stunning family, beautiful children, but, you need to getting your buyers to project themselves onto the home, visualise their family not yours – put away the personal pictures and wall full of portraits, nice neutral pictures, no really personal belongings.
  • Finish those jobs – We all do it, start something and don’t quite finish it, but now is the time to ensure those little snagging jobs are done – people will notice!
  • Neutralise – Again, you need to let potential buyers visualise themselves in your house, if your living room is bright green, that might suit you and your furniture, but, it might not quite go with the buyers furniture, nice cream, neutral colour schemes are the order of the day, not only do they give a blank canvas but help a room look larger and less closed in.

Whilst you are doing the above you should also get your property advertised, it is unlikely you will get viewings in the first day or two so get it advertised today and that will spur you on to do the list!

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