Selling your house is simpler than you think with Visum services, but, to help you make sense of it all we have put together a great library of articles to help you at each step of buying or selling a house.

Sealed bids.

Selling (or Buying) a House with Sealed Bids

Sealed bidding sometimes occurs when there's been a lot of interest in a property and is a good - if nerve wracking - way to settle a sale.

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Mortgage money.

What is a Mortgage Report when buying a property?

Details of the report your solicitor sends with commentary on the details of your mortgage application.

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Contract report.

What is a Contract Report when buying a house?

Part of the 'pre-contract' stage of a property purchase, a 'contract report' is created after the solicitors have completed their searches...

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Cash buyer?

Cash Buyers For Property

Plenty of people claim to be 'cash buyers' in the hope of achieving a price reduction, but surprisingly few actually are.

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Advice for viewings.

Handling Property Viewings Yourself

You can do a better job than most estate agents if you follow our common sense tips.

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No chains in our contract!

No Agency Ties

Property rental and sales advertising with none of the normal agency ties

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