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Legionella bacteria

Water Safety - Landlords and Legionnaires' Disease

Landlords have a legal duty to ensure that the risk of tenants and their visitors being exposed to Legionnaires' disease properly assessed and controlled.

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Online property advertising.

Why Advertise Rental Property With Us?

The right kind of property advertising is important. Getting it wrong can lead to having a tenanted property with no rent coming in, which is worse than having an empty property with no rent coming in!

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Property safety

Landlord Due Diligence

As part of letting out your property you have a duty of care to ensure your property is safe to let.

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Electrical hazard

Electrical safety in rental property

There are around 30 deaths and 4,000 accidents annually in the UK involving electrics, so don't think it can't happen in one of your properties.

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"CO-molekyl" by Ingvald Straume.

Gas safety in rental property

All Landlords have a common law duty to ensure that gas installations and appliances supplied with their rental properties are safe. Tenants have certain legal obligations when it comes to gas safety as well.

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Tenant credit report

How do I get a credit check/reference on a prospective tenant?

We have tried to make the process of getting a tenant reference (and getting optional extras like rent guarantee insurance) as simple as possible. You can even get a reference and rent guarantee insurance if you have not used us to advertise your property.

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