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Property advice.

Finding and Choosing a Buy to Let Property

Things to consider when selecting a property - a lot of it applies to a property purchased for yourself to live in too.

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Fire safety.

Fire Safety Standards For Houses Converted into Self-Contained Flats

This article covers the minimum fire safety standards for houses converted into self-contained flats 2 or 3 storeys and above, including attic and basement flats.

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Fire safety.

Fire Safety Standards for HMOs of 3 Storeys or Over

This article outlines the minimum fire safety measures required to be undertaken in HMOs of 3 storeys or over.

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Fire safety.

Fire Safety Standards for HMOs of 2 Storeys or Under

This covers the traditional bedsit type house shares with all occupiers on their own tenancy agreements.

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Fire safety.

Fire Safety Standards for Flats Over Shops

Flats over shops are higher risk because of the use underneath (which might be high risk) and limitations of exit routes compared to single-use dwellings.

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Landlord law.

Transfer Your Possession Order to the High Court

Transferring your possession order to the high court will allow you to use a private bailiff to evict your tenant - an action that is becoming more and more common as waiting lists for court-appointed bailiffs grow longer.

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