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Landlord Law

Superstrike Tenancy Deposit Ruling Overturned

One of the provisions in the new Deregulation overturned the appeal judge's decision in the infamous Superstrike v Rodrigues case that deemed a new tenancy was created when a written tenancy expired and required the reprotection of the deposit.

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No money down property.

How To Be A Landlord With No Money Down

This is the property get rich quick scheme that never goes away. It works for some - but can it work for you?

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Scam warning.

Landlords: Watch Out For Scam Rent to Rent Companies

Rent to rent can be a minefield at the best of times, but you should beware of that fact that it now seems to be attracting some real sharks.

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Visum's bad reviews.

Visum Review

Why we get some negative reviews, and why this is good for our customers.

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Legionnaire's Disease in rental property.

Upated: Water Safety and Legionella in rented property

Update on our previous article concerning managing Legionella risk in rented properties.

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