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Tenant eviction faqs

Tenant Eviction FAQs

Visum can help with all aspects of tenant eviction. Getting the eviction process or eviction notices wrong in any way will be one of the most costly mistakes you can make. We can help with completion of Section 8 notices, Section 21 notices and court paperwork, and we can also advise on all aspects of the eviction process. Our eviction notices are solicitor checked and court tested. We have compiled the most commonly asked question and answers in relation to tenant eviction below.

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Rent guarantee insurance

Landlord rent guarantee insurance

Rent guarantee insurance for landlords is essential in today's letting environment where the law strongly favours the tenant. With so many people losing livelihoods because of the uncertain economic situation the country (and the world) has been in over the last few years, even the best, most decent tenants can suddenly become a huge liability.

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Section 13 notice

Rent increases - rent increase notice - the Section 13 (s13)

Switched on private landlords usually look to increase the rent amount their tenant is paying by a small increment at every opportunity. This is not as straightforward as it seems. Tenants can dispute rent increases and even have the rent reduced! Let's take a look at the process first.

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Deposit Protection Schemes

Deposit Protection Schemes

All deposits paid by tenants to landlords (or their letting agents) for Assured Shorthold Tenancies issued after the 6th April 2007 must be 'protected' by one of 3 government-approved deposit protection schemes. The act of protection differs from scheme to scheme and involves the landlord or agent either handing the deposit money over to the scheme to look after, or paying a fee (as either a payment per deposit or an annual subscription) to the scheme and keeping the deposit themselves in a segregated bank account that is used for no other purpose than holding tenant's deposits. We are members of both an insurance-based scheme and a custodial scheme and based on our own experience we would pick the insurance-based option every time, as getting money back out of the custodial scheme can be a painful process, even under the most clear-cut circumstances.

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Tenancy checklist

Pre Letting Checklist for Landlords

You probably know everything that we're putting in this article, but it never hurts to be reminded. In no particular order you should do everything on the list below before your tenant signs a tenancy agreement and moves in.

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Property advertising on rightmove and primelocation

Advertising Network Grows

Visum continue to grow their advertising network to ensure maximum exposure for our lettings and sales property adverts - now advertising on Needaproperty

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